Friday, August 17, 2012

Ice Cream Social

Once a year we celebrate the end of a fun summer with a cold sweet treat.  The summer campers take over and plan the entire thing.  This year they worked with Ms. Deb to plan the menu and make a list of items that they would need to open their own ice cream shop and invite the whole school to their ice cream social. Some of the items on the list were tablecloths, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and Cool Whip.

The kids walked to Kroger with Ms. Allison and Ms. Deb to purchase the items on their list. Everyone got to push one of the child-sized carts and the cashier gave them lots of stickers at the check-out :)  The summer campers invited the classes in one at a time, seated them, took their orders, and served them.  It was a true cooperative effort and the kids worked so well together. We are hoping to make this an end-of-summer annual tradition!

The toddlers are placing their orders with their "waiter."  
The sign that the kids decorated for their ice cream shop.

The summer camp crew is hard at work,
scooping ice cream and adding toppings.

Here is your ice cream!

Taking turns scooping the ice cream...

...and taking turns at the toppings station.  

One happy customer!

She is trying to get individual sprinkles on her spoon.
Who knew eating ice cream involved so many fine motor skills?  :) 

Serving the preschool class.

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