Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween at ELC

Finding hidden goody bags in the classrooms.
Sneaky! One hidden in the books. Great find Wonder Woman.

Getting ready for the party!
Getting a little train time in before the party starts!
A balloon headed dragon...creative!
Wonder Woman is ready!
And the party begins! 
Elsa number one.
We could eat her right up!
Excuse me can I get a picture?
Thank you!
Wow! Those wings can really make you fly!
Pirates were a popular costume this year!
I'm getting frozen by three Elsas!
Great smile!
Our doctor family!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Cooking Apples

Miss Sara loves to cook with the children!
As the children were learning about apples she
made cooked apples with them.

The Mason Fire Department Visits

October is Fire Safety Month
The Mason Fire Department came to our school
and informed the children about:
-calling 911
-Establish a meeting place at home in case of a fire
-and to not be afraid of fire fighters.
The children also got to explore the firetruck!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Last Field Trip for the Summer

 We went to Halls Creek Woods 
to take one last hike before the last 
day of summer camp.
We could have walked all day long! 
It was so peaceful and the kids loved the creek.

A little blurry but you can see how beautiful the trail was.

We found some treasures- nuts- on our hike.

A big tree had fallen across the trail and
we had to either climb over the tree or walk around it.

The creek was a little tricky to get to.
Ms. Donna had to help everyone step down into it.
But as you can see, the creek bed was covered with fossils.

We did see a snake swim away from us in the creek!
And a frog jumping out of his way!

Celebrating National Mud Day 2014

Making Snails out of Mud

Mud Soup

Painting with Mud

Rolling Cars Down a Ramp

Playing in a Pool of Mud with Dinosaurs

Making Mortar and Building with Mud

Tasting Mud

Cleaning our Bodies Before Going Back Inside