Friday, July 27, 2012

Field Trip to Mason Sports Park

Earlier this week the summer campers went to Mason Sports Park.  They had a great time exploring this little gem in Mason...particularly the creek!  Thanks to a good rain a few days ago the creek level was perfect for hopping in with our rain boots.  We love any excuse to put our rain boots on and get messy!  Our little campers found all sorts of fun stuff in the creek area (see pictures below). After stomping around in the water they went for a walk on the trail, rolled down a huge hill, ate lunch in the picnic shelter, and had a blast playing on the playground equipment.  They even found some time to pick up some litter!

Having fun walking on the rocks in the creek.

The kids found all sorts of neat things in the creek. He called this his "clam shell."

The summer campers noticed this hibiscus while on a nature walk. 

The kids found a little enclosed area in the trees. They called it their campsite. 

Walking in the creek.

Throwing rocks in the creek.  

Listening to the different sounds the rocks make as they splash.

More rock tossing.

A heart-shaped rock!  "I'm taking this and painting it red for my mom and dad."  

Fun in the woods!

Heading back on the path to the picnic shelter.
Everyone was hungry after playing in the creek!

A little environmentalist at work...collecting litter in the park.
This field trip was a smashing success! Water to splash in, mud, treasures in the creek, a nature trail, a picnic in the shade, a huge hill to roll on, and a playground? Perfect day :)  

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