Monday, April 28, 2014

Earth Week 2014

All year long the children at Endeavor learn about how  to take
care of the earth: turning off lights, conserving water, recycling and composting.
We also permit the children to enjoy and explore the earth when
we bring in rescue groups to teach the children about wild animals,
having long periods outside, and giving each class a gardening plot.
During Earth Week Ms. Donna planned special activities for the
school and each classroom. Below are pictures showcasing
what the children did.
Infants Planting a Tree
During the summer the tree in the infant playground got damaged.
Ms. Donna donated a maple tree to the infants
and they helped plant it.
The hole.

Learning how to put dirt in the hole to plant the tree.

They were observing unsure on what to do.

Finding bits of soil and pulling up grass.

Getting all the dug up dirt to place around the tree.
This infant has the water container and is looking in
the bucket where the tree was placed prior to planting.

Watering our new tree!

Preschool Learn More About Composting
Pictures taken by one of our school age children.

Ms. Donna bought a pitch fork to turn the compost easier.
We learned that our compost needs to be "stirred up" so
it can biodegrade into soil faster.

Reading a book about composting.

What things do we put in our compost bucket and what things
can we not put into the compost?

Our compost  pile.

We noticed it had a lot of woody plants that were not biodegrading
very fast. We decided to take it out and place in our tall grass area
and hope we can turn our compost easier.
 Toddlers Learn About Buds and Flowers
We started by watching two videos that showed what
flowers look like when they grow and what leaves look like
as they come out of their buds.

We searched for buds and flowers all around our school property.

We shook one of our trees that had flower on it and
the pedals flew off. The toddlers tried to catch them.

We ended with planting some pansies. The toddlers later
put the flowers in their garden.

The infants and preschoolers also planted pansies.

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