Monday, February 24, 2014

ELC Olympic Games 2014

We held the first ever ELC Olympics!
The whole school participated in several
games to earn gold medals.
The preschool and toddler classes walked
out to the Olympic theme song written by John Williams
and watched Meryl Davis and Charlie White ice dance.
They also watched Shaun White snowboard.
Then we talked about how to cheer each other on
and to help our friends if they fall down
 before we started the games.
Act like a  lion!
Act like a mouse!

Act like a monkey!

Act like a giraffe.

Act like a snake!

Act like a frog!
This game is like musical chairs but not as
competitive. The children danced to music and
when the music stopped they had to find a
circle to stand in. Circles would be taken away and
the children had to figure out how to fit
 inside one circle by the end of the game.

Ms. Donna demonstrated how to run the course and
explained what to do (she almost got stuck in the tunnel).
The toddlers went first. The preschool
was broken up into two groups and went after the toddlers.
Everyone had a great time! The groups who
were waiting cheered for the players.

The children had to first kick a ball into the net.

Next was hopping over the rails of the floor ladder.

Then the children had to run around the cones.
After the cones they ran to the mat to do a pencil roll.
Then they crawled through a tunnel.

After running through the course twice
the children sat down at the starting line
to wait for the rest of their friends to finish.

Everyone earned a gold medal!

Two of our infants watched the bigger kids play they
played on the course too!

The obstacle course.

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