Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Make a Rainbow

Ms. Lu Ann designed an activity for
the toddler and preschool classrooms
about rainbows and St. Patrick's Day.
She read a story about a leprechaun tricking a
shoe maker so his gold would not be found.
Since gold is said to be at the end of a rainbow,
she instructed the children on how to make one.
He is arranging his colored noodles on his paper.
The preschool class was handed a blank piece of paper.
They had to arrange the colored noodles how Ms. Lu Ann
was instructing them to. Some of the children made
their own designs and that was okay.

Ms. Lu Ann reads the directions and also asks the kids to read the
number and color on her paper.

These children are sharing the glue and helping each other
with making the rainbows.
(notice how they wrote their names)

This teacher helps a toddler count his noodles.
All of the toddlers were given a paper with the rainbow
colored on it. They practiced color recognition.

This preschooler is helping this toddler.

She is so excited about participating in this activity!

Ms. Sara helped this preschooler count the number of green noodles
she needed. The preschooler looked at the instructions to guide
her on where to place the noodles.
Ohio  Content Standards Covered
Number Sense and Counting
Spatial Relationships
Create Shapes
Asking Questions
Planning and Action
Engagement and Persistence
Print Concepts
Letter and Word Recognition
Small Muscle Motor Development

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