Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fishing at Pine Hill Park

The summer group made their own fishing poles using:
bamboo, string, paper clips, metal hardware, rubber bands, and corks.
On our field trip we tried out our fishing poles.
We used marshmallows for bait...yum!
We found out the marshmallows were great for keeping the hooks 
from catching on our clothes but they often dissolved in the water.
One of our campers had a frog eat her marshmallow!
After fishing we played on the playground. 
Many of our friends who were on summer 

A Dad hung out with us for a bit.

A marshmallow fell off the line as it was being cast!

Sometimes the kids needed a hand putting the marshmallow on their line.

Don't they look like pros?

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After a morning of fishing and physical exercise they all had a hard time staying awake after lunch!

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